13 August 2022

Mini Camera RCA #2080
Micro Monochrome/Color Camera has monochrome and color tpyes.The lens of the camera has two typical specifications: 3.6mm for monochrome type; 6mm for color type. All types of cameras can be supplied with lens of the angle, focal length and specification to specific requirements of customers.This product provides audio function, and can be equipped with infrared ray if customer requires. It can view the objects without outside light source, it is a full-function collector.This range of products feature complete functions, comact volume, low power consumption, high sensitivity, easy to operate, install and hide. It is extra suitbale for video meeting, schools, supermarkets, shops, workshops, warehouses, offices, visual telephone, visual E-mail, PC multi-media-toys, games, monitoring, guardianship, anti-burglary, safeguardor other special tasks.This product can also work together with other equipment including microcomputer to realize such capabilities as documents filming, photographing, complex video signal PAL(CCR) or NTS(ELA). This product is equiped with clip-type support, which can be detached at your option, or be used to adjust the location to your desired level. You can choose a best location the clip the support and adjust the installation angle to ideal level. Besides, this product is connectable with other support to achieve higher flexibility.The working voltage of this product is DC+6V-+12V.(The supplied power source is recommendable).This product can be powered on for a long time, but the input voltage can be not exceeded DC+12V, while current can not be exceeded 250MA.The connection mode of the power lead is "+" for internal terminal, "-" for exteranl terminal. The yellow plug is video output cable, which can be connected with varieties of monitors and TV with video input jack to watch images. Photographing Device: 1/4 video sensor System: PAL/CCIR NTSC/EIA Effective pixels: PAL:628x582 NTSC/EIA Image area: PAL:5.78x4.19mm NTSC:4.69x3.45 Resolution:380lines Scanning frequency: PAL/CCIR:50Hz NTSC/EIA:60Hz Lowest Illuminance:0.2LUX Sensitivity: +18DB-AGCON-OFF Power source: +9VCD Power consumption: 200MW
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  • Motherboard
  • RAM
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            Power Supply
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